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Brian Murillo

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Meet Brian Murillo

Born in Des Moines, and raised in Norwalk, Iowa, Brian is part of a very close-knit family, where art and the outdoors were constants in his daily life. Both his grandmother and uncle were artists and focused primarily on wildlife and as Brian does.


In his youth, Brian was very much involved in art outside of school before it became the passion he has today. Being taught by his grandmother and uncle, and motivated and praised by his mother, Brian began entering contests and gaining recognition. Any opportunity to share his talent with the world was an open door to Brian.

“"Growing up with an extreme passion for the outdoors, I always looked for another way. Hunting was more than harvesting an animal – it was about the atmosphere it provided. Nature, to me, is perfect. I have looked to the outdoors as an inspiring element. As I hunt, I lock scenes away in my mind to recreate, at a later time, on canvas.

Art has given me that ‘other way’. I find great satisfaction in portraying the world as I see it, through my eyes. I enjoy sharing my experiences and ideas with others – showing them the perfections that I see in the wild. I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but through each painting, there is growth. There is constant growth in nature, and I strive to grow with it each season.” said Brian.

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