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Greg VanDusseldorp

Store pickup on original art. If you'd like to have a piece shipped, contact us at for a shipping quote before purchasing.

Meet Greg Vandusseldorp

Greg's creative endeavors include ceramic sculpture, pottery and painting with an unrefined quality derived from a primitive instinct, freedom of the mind and his quest for provocative images. His drive to express his unique viewpoint comes from stretching the material he utilizes and interjecting the use of vivid color to the artwork. His inspiration is gathered from abstract paintings, folk art, sculpture, ceramics, outsider art and his creative grandparents.

Greg's interest in art is ignited by works such as paintings by Dubuffet, Twombly, Pollock, and Basquiat, the sculptural work of Miro, Arneson and Ousler and the raw energy of the cermaic work by Voulkos. He also marvels at the artwork of folk artists, outsiders and graffiti artists. The personal styles that each artist portrays and the commitment they have make to being creative moves him emotionally to become an imaginative artist.

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