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Jill Woodward

Store pickup on original art. If you'd like to have a piece shipped, contact us at for a shipping quote before purchasing.

Meet Jill Woodward

Art is Jill's path to creating a world of beauty, peace, and serenity. She paints children engaged in the simple pleasures of childhood as childhood intrigues her; it is a fleeting opportunity to be genuine and authentic, a time when mindfulness is natural and self-consciousness does not exist.

Jill spent many years as a mental health therapist with children who experienced heartbreaking trauma. "I know that childhood is a vulnerable and difficult time for many and I am amazed by human resilience." says Jill.

Jill works from photographs as she creates idealistic representations of childhood through which she expresses her sincere wish that all children can experience peaceful, carefree moments.

Jill uses bright colors to represent a joyful mood as she creates art that reminds others of moments of their past or times they enjoyed watch their children or grandchildren.

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